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Later Barry receives a call from Rose, the waitress and die-hard fan of Alan's books. Rose tells Barry that she has the rest of the manuscript pages; as the call ends, the camera cuts to Rose standing zombie-like in the dark and reveals the woman in black the same woman as earlier in chapter one, who gave Alan the key to the cabin behind her, who says "Good girl.

Alan and Barry head to Rose's trailer to get their hands on the manuscript, but when they arrive, they both fall unconscious after drinking Rose's coffee. When Alan wakes, he has only twelve hours left to deliver the manuscript. Barry is still knocked out and Alan decides to go get their car. Outside, Wake is confronted by FBI agent Nightingale , who is armed and very much suspicious of Alan; the owner of the trailer park had called the police when he noticed Alan and Barry hadn't left from their visit, beyond the time which Rose would normally had gone to bed.

Alan tries to escape the police, so agent Nightingale opens fire on Alan. Alan is forced to flee into the woods and leave Barry, still asleep, behind. Alan heads to the local radio station for directions to the old coal mine, but Nightingale turns up and opens fire yet again, so Alan flees once again as the pursuing police force is decimated by the Dark Presence in the woods.

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He finds a car by sunrise and begins to head to the coal mine. He arrives on time but has to wait late into the evening as the the kidnapper never shows.

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He later gets a call from the kidnapper telling him to find him at Mirror Peak , and when he does the kidnapper reveals that he never had his wife before being engulfed by a tornado of the Dark Presence. Grabbing a flare before the Dark Presence can finish him off, Alan is thrown off the cliff and is saved by an unknown figure. Alan wakes up in the Cauldron Lake Lodge, which was a hotel and now runs as a mental institute for 'artists', lead by Dr.

He says that his wife died and all of the events that have transpired were figments of his imagination. Alan refuses to believe him, and as night began to fall two other patients, the Andersons former rock stars of the s , begin to cause havoc in the institute. In all the chaos Alan manages to escape and soon he reunites with Barry, who was imprisoned by Dr.

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Hartman when he came looking for Alan. Hartman asks Alan to work together on 'this', saying they can make something beautiful. The Dark Presence begins to engulf the Lodge and it takes or kills Dr. Alan begins to realize that the Andersons really understand what is going on, and so heads to their farm along with Barry. When they arrive at the farm they find out a hidden message that is on a old record that says "Find the Lady of the Light". They then remember a woman, Cynthia Weaver, who was clutching a lantern in the diner Alan visited upon arriving in Bright Falls.

The two agree to find Cynthia the next morning, and spend the rest of the evening over a bottle of the Andersons' homemade moonshine, made from the water of Cauldron Lake. As Alan falls asleep, he dreams vividly of the night of Alice's disappearance, his near drowning, and—for the first time—what happened in the missing week afterward. Alan wakes up and is greeted by Agent Nightingale at gunpoint, who takes him and Barry to the local prison.

When there is a sudden power-cut, both the Sheriff and Nightingale come to watch over them, but as Nightingale reaches into his pocket to check a page of the manuscript he had just been reading, the Dark Presence grabs him away. Seeing the Dark Presence for herself, the Sheriff frees them, and they explain that they need to find Cynthia. The Sheriff says she lives in the old power station. While Barry is left to make some phone calls for the Sheriff, Alan and the Sheriff start to make their way to a helicopter.

When the lights go out on Barry, he makes a run for it and winds up in a shop not far from Alan and the Sheriff. After stocking up on flares and lights Barry regroups with the others and all 3 of them reach the helicopter and fly over to the old power station. However, ravens attack the helicopter on the way, and Alan is forced to jump while the Sheriff and Barry remain in the helicopter, providing support against the Taken on occasion.

At this moment, Alan realizes exactly what he needs to do: go to Cauldron Lake and use the clicker to save Alice and the town of Bright Falls. Alan begins to drive to Cauldron Lake, after telling Barry, Cynthia and the Sheriff to stay in the Well-Lit Room as this is something he must do alone. After several encounters with large groups of the Taken and possessed objects, he reaches the lake, diving in and pressing the clicker.

He ends up in a world filled with darkness, and as he illuminates pieces of giant text with his flashlight they began to form the house that disappeared. When the house reappears fully, he hears Barbara talking and Alice screaming for help. He grabs her, puts his hand in the hole where her heart should be and clicks the clicker. The light fills her body, coming out of her eyes and mouth before the house is engulfed by light as well.

Alan then walks to the typewriter in his study with dark shadows still at his windows and starts writing, saying that he knows how to write the ending and that the scales need to balance: everything has a price. The ending is ambiguous and is left to interpretation. A flashback of Alan jumping in the lake to save Alice occurs, after which a time lapse which seems to be going backwards happens over Bright Falls. Alice is then shown swimming out of Cauldron Lake and sitting on the dock, calling out "Alan? Bright Falls is shown prospering in the middle of it's yearly celebration—Deerfest which was 2 weeks away when Alan and Alice arrived , with Rose now clutching the same lantern as Cynthia, the Lady of the Light.

Agent Nightingale is seen behind Rose, looking much the same as the possessed Barbara Jagger had in the past. Alan is then seen at his typewriter again, the shadows still at his study's windows. He then says "It's not a lake Alice is heard saying "Alan, wake up" before the game ends.

The game ends with three white dots on a black screen, leading to the events of The Signal. Continuing on where the main game finished. Alan finds himself outside the diner in a night time Bright Falls which quickly changes to daytime. Alan is unable to remember where he was prior to this moment but knows he must go to the back of the diner which he forcibly enters. Zane talks to Alan and warns him that he should go no further and that Alan must focus.

Zane plays a video of Alan struggling with reality and even telling of events playing out at the moment, Alan realizes where he is; The Dark Place.

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Leaving the bathroom, a powerful disturbance causes Alan to lose his balance and focus for a brief second. Night time has now fallen Bright Falls and the main area of the diner the area is littered with televisions playing a warning message from Alan himself which later happens precisely as the message described. Going out the back of the diner, Alan finds himself in the forest surrounding Bright Falls and believes that something went wrong with Departure's ending. Seeking safety from the Taken inside a lone house, Alan finds a manuscript page with which Alan realizes it to be his work but the words are " jumbled to dream-like fragments ".

Many of the words from the manuscript appear in front of Alan but he focuses on one word in particular, "phone". Shining his light on it, a phone appears and Zane tells Alan he can help him but he has to stop slipping deeper, and follow the signal. From there on; Alan follows the signal through Bright Falls streets which makes him encounter multiple disturbance shifts, television warnings and many Taken. After escaping the Church's mutated Taken infested basement, Alan sees a manuscript page floating from the sky, multiple words again appear including one called friend.

Shining his light on it, Barry Wheeler, Alan Wake's friend and manager appears in a see-through form, also bringing his personality along with him. Going deeper into the woods, a warning message plays out, a new type of invisible Taken appears and hound Alan throughout the forest.

Everything begins to get, in Barry's own words, weird. He says that Alan's disregarded thoughts are coming together to create strange places that Alan will have to traverse through to get to his goal.

Words begin to change into 'bad' words forcing Alan to be careful around them. Entering and going through the Sawmill, Alan begins to remember Alice and wonders about her. Alan eventually reaches Zane in Alan's own home. Zane appears and tells him its not the darkness that's causing this but himself- he is trapped in his own mind.

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After Alan angrily refuses to believe he is creating this, Zane is forcibly pushed away and televisions start to attack Alan. After the battle Alan approaches the main television with him agonizing over " Why Alan suddenly collapses as the television starts screaming "It was my brain But he soon snaps out of this, and then wakes up on the floor of the study in Bird Leg Cabin with manuscript pages scattered all around him. Alan screams out "There's no way out, no way out I've got to get out of here!! Alan fights off a number of Taken and then proceeds through to the rear of the building to meet Thomas Zane.

Zane then explains to Alan that he must reach the cabin at Cauldron Lake to either find himself or be lost to the Dark Presence permanently.

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Given the odd setting it is surprising how quickly the game runs through the initial set-up, with Jesse failing to react to anything going on around her in any kind of realistic fashion. For most of the time though it is just a grey concrete edifice, a brutalist skyscraper filled with possessed former agents that will attack you on sight. At first you can only defend yourself with a transforming gun — that switches between what is essentially a pistol, shotgun, submachinegun, and other shooter staples — but early on you also get the ability to use telekinesis… and it is wonderful.

This combined with some excellent destructible scenery can turn a sedate looking foyer into what looks like a bomb site within just a few minutes and it looks and feels fantastic. There are other abilities you gain along the way, such as a shield and the ability to possess enemies, although the flying you see in all the trailers comes in fairly late in the game. But the similarities are skin deep and the structure and gameplay of Control has a very different focus, whereas its astral plane is used as little more than a tutorial area when gaining new powers.

What little backtracking there is to do is mostly via fast travel and while there are time-limited side quests that pop up at random their rewards are so minor, and they repeat so often, you quickly lose interest. The same could be said for the enemies which, for the majority of the time, are just ordinary soldiers with ordinary guns. Ultimately, Control is still making the same mistakes as Quantum Break, just to a less severe degree. The action is fantastic but the context given to it — the story and the structure of the game — takes away more than it adds.

In Remedy's game Quantum Break , there's a reference to both reads on the acronym.

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Control and Alan Wake are separate stories, but hints, documents, and Easter eggs in Control show that both stories take place in the same universe. There's also a huge amount of evidence in Control that links it to Alan Wake , suggesting where the story has gone in the 10 years since Alan Wake was released, and teasing the continuation of that story.

The image also gives a rundown of all the other post-release content we can expect for Control. According to Remedy's press release on its upcoming DLC, the mode offers "challenging new end-game content in which Jesse must help Security Chief Arish explore the mysterious Formation and its strange surroundings. Here you will face some of the greatest challenges the Oldest House has to throw at you. But more story is coming, according to Lake, who wrote, "There is more Got a news tip or want to contact us directly?

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