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DMZ explicitly explores this examining the operation of major news outlets here the fictional Liberty News that operate in an increasingly global environment where comment and analysis extends beyond the original country of publication bringing journalists into conflict with the law of other states in those circumstances where controversial material is likely to reach a wider audience.

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In this context, states may feel justified in introducing additional measures to restrict, on the one hand, media operations and, on the other hand, what may actually be published or broadcast. Problems of interpretation and in defining what should be prohibited as speech supporting terrorism means that some journalists may inadvertently find themselves the subject of legal action depending on both the context and content of their reporting Burrell The ECtHR specifically referred to the essential role of the press in ensuring the proper functioning of political democracy.

While the press should not overstep its bounds or interfere with the vital interests of the state, e. This theme is integral to DMZ and the question of how far journalists can go before their actions can be criminalised. Leroy v France Application No. Clearly the content of reporting and the public interest involved are factors when considering whether any interference by the state is justified. While Leroy may be a freak occurrence, overtly political statements made in the aftermath of a terrorist attack that might be seen as condoning or supporting terrorism, can hence be subject to justified state interference.

Comics routinely examine crime, justice and social order narratives. In reality, the reverse is true. This fictional US Army is shown as brutal and arguably incompetent, reflecting fears and a lack of trust in the contemporary military strategy against terrorism which arguably makes society less safe Eger The resultant military tribunals that took place three years after the event solely investigated the actions of the soldiers involved on the ground, with nobody further up the chain of command being tried for the event.

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Wood et al. The massacre occurs when Sergeant Nunez, the officer in charge, orders his squad to open fire as a consequence of seeing a gun in the crowd. Nunez explains to Roth that the event took place at the start of the war when soldiers were unsure who the enemy was much less where they were. Nunez Wood et al. What the fuck do you want from me, huh?

However he observes that Nunez is convincing and clearly believes he did the right thing. Burchielli, R. DMZ: Friendly Fire. Emphasis in the original. Day was the day America died. Whatever is left now is just the nervous system twitching. Lost dogs looked like insurgents.

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We triple-shot rotting corpses just in case. Collateral damage , Ya know? Free speech is generally governed by international conventions, national constitutions and the system of protection of fundamental rights and freedoms that is consistently upheld by the courts Varju But in times of war or where the threat of terrorism is concerned, these conceptions on civil liberties are often suspended. DMZ examines a range of issues around things society is often uncomfortable discussing.

The Revival of the Propaganda State: US Propaganda at Home and Abroad since 9/11

These include: the extent to which information is kept from the public in order to ensure continued support for military action; whether it is helpful for society to know the full impact of war on civilian populations; and the extent to which the official narrative on war may differ from the reality on the ground. Ultimately in DMZ Matty Roth ends up in prison, arguably for uncovering the reality of contemporary war and its underlying political justifications and for asking questions that the state might prefer are never asked, let alone answered Wood et al. While we arguably need investigative journalists more than ever, DMZ reflects a world in which their ability to examine the extent to which we are lied to about the wars fought in our name is increasingly under attack.

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Information war : American propaganda, free speech and opinion control since 9/11

New York Times , Online. Johnson, J Jones, G New York: Basic Books. Knight, R Nurse, A Phillips, N and Strobl, S Cultural criminology and Kryptonite: Apocalyptic and retributive constructions of crime and justice in comic books. Graphic Justice: Intersections of Comics and Law. Abingdon: Routledge, pp.

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Radsch, C One year after Charlie Hebdo, will press freedom become victim of war on terror?. Stone, T Free Speech and National Security. Indiana Law Journal 84 3 : — Varju, M Wertham, F Seduction of the Innocent. New York: Main Road Books. Wolk, D Take Novorossiya , the name Vladimir Putin has given to the huge wedge of southeastern Ukraine he might, or might not, consider annexing. The term is plucked from tsarist history, when it represented a different geographical space.

Nobody who lives in that part of the world today ever thought of themselves as living in Novorossiya and bearing allegiance to it—at least until several months ago. There are several Twitter feeds. In the philosophy of these political technologists, information precedes essence.

And suddenly there really was no alternative. Putin only needs to make a few arrests—and then amplify the message through his total control of television. We saw a similar dynamic at work on the international stage in the final days of August, when an apparent Russian military incursion into Ukraine—and a relatively minor one at that—was made to feel momentously threatening.

Putin invoked the need for talks on the statehood of southeastern Ukraine with language that seemed almost purposefully ambiguous , leaving NATO stunned and Kiev intimidated enough to agree to a ceasefire. The belief in the absolute power of propaganda has roots in Soviet thinking.

But there is one great difference between Soviet propaganda and the latest Russian variety. For the Soviets, the idea of truth was important—even when they were lying. When the U. Russian current-affairs programs feature apparent actors posing as refugees from eastern Ukraine, crying for the cameras about invented threats from imagined fascist gangs.

During one Russian news broadcast , a woman related how Ukrainian nationalists had crucified a child in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk. In a lecture last year to journalism students at Moscow State University, Volin suggested that students forget about making the world a better place. The point of this new propaganda is not to persuade anyone, but to keep the viewer hooked and distracted—to disrupt Western narratives rather than provide a counternarrative. It is the perfect genre for conspiracy theories, which are all over Russian TV. When the Kremlin and its affiliated media outlets spat out outlandish stories about the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in July—reports that characterized the crash as everything from an assault by Ukrainian fighter jets following U.

Now Russia is exporting its reality-reinventing model through the hundreds of millions of dollars that it spends on international broadcasters like the rolling, multilingual news channel RT Russia Today.